how does it work?

The photo camper is fully operated by you! Betty is outfitted with professional photography equipment to give you high quality photos and prints. The touch screen allows for easy operation and viewing, so all you need to do is grab a prop, take a sip and press start! There is also an attendant available to ensure things run smoothly, but the pictures are completely automated.


do the photos print on site?

Yes! The photos print inside the camper seconds after you take them. Each session prints 2 copies.

can I customize the photo strip?

Definitely! We can add your custom wedding logo or help design something special for your event. You also have to option to choose: strip vs. 4” x 6”, number of photos per session, color vs. black and white and more.

do I receive digital copies of the photos?

Heck ya! We will send you the high resolution digital copies of all the pictures. You can share with your guests, post them or make an album. It’s like having a second photographer.

how big is the camper? 

Betty is 7' wide x 7.5' tall x 12' long (15' with the trailer hitch) and weighs in at a lean 1100 pounds! If there is a doorway large enough, the camper can even be set up inside! The lightweight bod allows for easy maneuvering into tight spaces.  

what does Betty need to run?

Betty is completely self sufficient and requires no power hook up. The camper uses a solar powered battery so no location is off limits. Idaho has so many incredible (and remote) locations, we don’t want to be tied down by outlets! The only requirement is a venue/location that is accessible by car for towing.

how far do you travel?

There is no travel fee for venues inside of Blaine County. Please contact us for more information regarding travel outside the area.

how many people can fit inside?

A LOT! But also that depends on how much you like each other! We’ve squeezed 12 people into one photo.



what about props?

We have a large selection of fun props to use with the photo booth. If you have a specific theme or item you want, we can customize. Contact us for more information.

what about staging?

Adding additional elements to the camper can make it even more personal to your wedding or event. We offer a selection of rugs, lanterns, lighting, etc. to enhance the space. We also LOVE flowers. Please inquire about custom flower installations. 

what else?

We provide a bluetooth speaker with any music options to play inside the camper. If your event is during the colder months, the original heater is operational and keeps the inside nice and toasty.